Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Are you unable to work due to illness or injury?

What is Total and Permanent Disability/Disablement Insurance (TPD)?

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance, or TPD, is a kind of insurance designed to assist injured or ill workers who are unable to return to work.

If you suffer from an injury or illness that prevents you from returning to work in your usual occupation, you may have a claim.

It doesn’t matter what form your injury or illness takes, how it was caused or how long you’ve been off work, provided you were insured when you stopped work.

Do I have TPD Insurance?

Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they are insured for TPD and have likely been paying premiums for years.

If you’re a member of a superannuation fund in Australia it almost certain that you hold default TPD insurance as a member of the fund.

You may also be insured for TPD under the terms of your:-

  1. employment contract;
  2. enterprise bargaining agreement;
  3. insurance purchased through a financial advisor; or
  4. CTP driver at fault comprehensive insurance.

You may also hold other types of disability insurance, including Income Protection or Critical Illness.

Remember, you may be entitled to claim on more than one policy, depending on your personal circumstances.

How can Littles help?

Littles are experts at investigating, managing, and settling insurance claims.

Our staff have decades of experience in the superannuation and insurance industries and know how to best prepare and prosecute your claim, with a high success rate.

In addition to our expertise, Littles have lawyers that speak your language and understand your culture. The Littles technological advantage means that most of our TPD claims take, on average three to nine months, where other firms boast of a 12 to 18-month timeframe.

We can also assist you if your claim has previously been declined, for whatever reason.

Remember there may be time limits to bring legal action against an insurer if your claim has been declined, so take advantage of our FREE initial consultation and get in touch. You have nothing to lose by speaking to our TPD experts. 

You can also:

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Don’t let the fine print stop you from getting the help you need to cover your medical, rehabilitation, and other associated costs, and get on with your life without the additional stress of money worries.

Our 5 Step Process for TPD Claims

Through our simple 5 step process, we can help to ease the transition and recovery time and will make the legal process smooth so you can focus on getting better.

The first step is to get in touch with one of our friendly team members by using our CLAIM CHECKER .  Our experts will assess your case and advise you within24 hours whether your claim has reasonable prospects of success.

It’s important that we check the entitlements you held at the date you last worked. For most funds and insurers, that requires you signing a third-party authority form so we can ask the right questions of the fund or insurer.

If we determine that you have an entitlement to make a TPD claim with reasonable prospects of success, we will advise you of the scope of your entitlements and discuss how a TPD claim would proceed. Every case is different, and we tailor our
services to your needs.

We will give you an estimate of the length of your claim and explain how our fixed-fee, no win, no fee cost agreement works.

If you sign an agreement authorising us to prosecute the claim on your behalf, we
get to work quickly to prepare the claim forms and collate the supporting
documentation necessary to lodge your claim. This usually involves requesting
forms, records and statements by your treating doctor(s) and most recent
employer(s), in addition to supplementary supportive documentation.

Lodging your claim doesn’t mean our job is done; it means we’re just getting started. We know insurers don’t like paying claims and we work hard to give the insurer any additional information and push the insurer for a decision as soon as possible. We fight to get the result you deserve.


Most frequent questions and answers
To make a successful TPD compensation claim, you need to have TPD insurance (for example, through your super fund) and show you’re unable to do your normal job or any other work related to your training and experience. 
Remember, this doesn’t mean you’re unfit for all work – just that you’re unable to do the work fitting your area of skills and expertise.
For example, if having a bad back stops you from working in your normal construction job, you can usually make a TPD claim—even if your doctor says you’re fit for another kind of employment, such as office work.
Insurers are generally required to decide on a TPD claim within six to twelve months depending on its complexity. The time limit is shorter for income protection claims.  Some claims might be assessed sooner if they are fairly straightforward. However, every claim is different. If you believe you have a TPD  it’s important that you get in touch with our lawyers today, so we can make an accurate assessment.

No, your injury does not need to be work-related. 

It will depend on your fund and your insurance policy, but you can usually still make a claim if you had the injury or sickness before you joined the super fund. However, you’ll need to read the fine print. If you’re not sure about where you stand, or your insurer is making life difficult for you, it’s worth getting in touch with an expert. Contact us on <insert contact details>.

At minimum, insurers will usually make requests for the following information:

  • a claim form
  • Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) history
  • ATO documents (including income tax returns and notices of assessment)
  • requests for Centrelink documents and payment history, and
  • requests for medical records or medical reports.

We offer ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements for these types of cases, which means that you don’t have to pay if we don’t win. If you want to know where you stand, get in touch with Littles for a FREE claims check today. 

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若您因生病或受伤(或两者)而无法工作,完全和永久伤残保险 (Total and Permanent Disability Insurance,以下简称TPD保险)能让您向保险公司进行申请,领取伤残保险金。对于很多人来说,无法回到原来的职业和工作岗位对生活的收入来源造成很大的影响。不同的TPD保险政策或产品也有着不一样的定义和评定原则。希望此文能协助您了解更多关于TPD保险金的基础知识。 我的TPD索赔已被接受。这是不是意味着我不能从事任何工作? 每一个保险公司提供的TPD政策不同,对“完全和永久伤残”的定义和索赔申请被接纳后对于工作的限制有不一样的要求。一般TPD政策的定义如下:  • 不能回到您受的教育、培训以及经验相关的工作;  • 不能投入您一向来从事的职业; ...

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