No win, No fee,
No interest

We are in this together.

You’ve probably seen a lot of lawyers use the term ‘No Win, No Fee’.

Long story short:

It is simple: if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. And unlike many firms, we pay your outlays and will never charge you interest.

Let us break it down for you in simple terms!

Preliminary Assessment

We start by reviewing your claim in detail and give you a clear assessment of your prospects for success. We’re experts in this area of law, and provide this kind of advice very day. 

Conditional Costs Agreement

Once we’ve established that you should pursue your claim,  you can tell us if you want us to proceed as your legal representatives. To formally appoint us as your legal representative in the claim, you will enter into a ‘Conditional Costs Agreement’ with us. This is a legal contract that sets out the likely costs of running your claim based on our fees, as well as the rights and responsibilities of you as the client and us as your legal representatives. 

We’ll explain it clearly and thoroughly, with as little legalese as possible – we promise you’ll understand it completely.

No Win No Fee

Importantly, this agreement will set out the ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement in black and white – that you will not pay us anything if your claim is not successful. In certain circumstances, you may be required to pay the other party’s legal costs if you are unsuccessful. 

Disbursements and Outlays

Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement also covers you for disbursements, or outlays. These are expenses that we may need to pay for to progress your claim, including medical reports, expert witness fees and barristers’ fees. 

Why we don't use litigation lenders

At Littles, we back you all the way. This includes covering the costs of your claim until it is settled. And we will never charge you interest on outlays. 

Some other firms  hedge their bets. They want to run your claim, but they don’t want to use their own  money to fund it. You might have heard about ‘litigation lenders’ or ‘litigation funders’. These are for profit businesses that lend law firms money to pay for their clients’ outlays and disbursements.  

This means less money in your pocket when your matter settles. That is because litigation lenders  charge exorbitant interest rates and fees that are passed directly on to YOU. 

At Littles, we use our expert team to get you the best results possible. We work for you, not litigation lenders.

This is why we’ll never use litigation lenders unless you instruct us to do so. 

It’s just another reason to go with Littles.