The holiday period has passed for another year, however for many Australians the new year will offer new challenges. The holiday period is an extremely busy time for a lot of people, whether it is travelling to see family for Christmas, or long-awaited annual holidays, the roads are busier than ever. The unfortunate consequence of the crowded Queensland roads is the spike in car accident related injuries that occurs over the holiday season. This blog will outline what to do if you are one of the many Queensland residents who were involved in a motor vehicle accident over the holiday season. 

For most people who suffer an accident, the first and most important aspect to address is your health. Therefore, attending all medical appointments and following the advice of your doctors is crucial. While health is irreplaceable, many injured people then must turn their focus on returning to work now that the holiday season is over.  

Where an accident has resulted in injuries affecting a person’s health or ability to work, the Queensland CTP scheme can lend assistance to affected people. Provided the injured person is not at fault for the motor vehicle accident, they may lodge a CTP claim on the relevant CTP insurer of the at-fault driver/vehicle. 


Once a claim is lodged, the relevant insurer can fund the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured person. This can include GP visits, physiotherapy sessions, psychological sessions and even hospital stays and surgeries. Therefore, the injured person does not have to contend with treatment expenses while they are unable to work. 

Allowing an injured person to focus on their rehabilitation provides a significant boost to the individual’s prospects of making a full recovery, and eventually being able to return to their pre-injury occupation. 

Common Law Claim

The main assistance a CTP claim can provide comes from a common law claim, in which the injured person is able to claim a monetary sum for the injury itself, their related medical expenses, and most significantly, economic loss. Many injured people are forced to take time away from work to recover, and then may be limited with the range of duties and hours they are able to perform even when they do return to work. This discrepancy between the earnings they would have earned, and their actual earnings can be claimed back through a CTP claim’s past economic loss component. The largest component of a CTP claim is future economic loss, which allows the injured person to claim for ongoing restrictions, limitations and changes to their career trajectory as a result of the subject accident. 

What to do?

If you are one of the many unfortunate people to sustain an accident over the holiday season, you should focus on treatment and rehabilitation to maximise your chances of a full recovery. In the meantime, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer to advise you on your prospects of a CTP claim. If it is determined that you are in fact entitled to claim, your lawyer will lodge the claim on your behalf and begin to organise funding for your rehabilitation, as well as begin building your claims for past and future economic loss. This will allow you to focus on recovery without added financial stress. 

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