I am making a workers compensation claim. Can I also make a TPD claim?

Yes. If you have commenced a workers’ compensation claim, or a CTP claim for injuries relating to a road accident, you can usually also seek TPD benefits. However, while the time limits around making CTP and workers’ compensation claims are strict, you are probably able to make a TPD claim today even if you stopped working some time ago.

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I am receiving Centrelink benefits. Can I make a TPD claim?

Yes. Many people who are receiving Centrelink benefits are also able to claim, as they may have previously worked, and have a superannuation account that provides insurance coverage. If you are receiving the Disability Support Pension or JobSeeker payment, and are permitted to work, let Littles help.

We can help you to find missing super funds, and to claim your TPD benefits.

I was only a casual or part-time employee. Can I make a TPD claim?

Yes. Even if you are employed as a casual or only worked in a reduced capacity prior to ceasing work, you may still be entitled to TPD and income protection benefits

I have a mental illness or condition. Can I make a TPD claim if I am unable to work because of my it?

Yes. If you have ceased work due to a mental illness or mental health condition, you may still be entitled to TPD and income protection benefits. What is important is that you have ceased work due to your illness. 

Let Littles help. We can help you to find missing super funds, and to claim your TPD benefits.

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If you have an illness or injury that prevents you from working, you might be worrying about how you are going to pay your bills and put food on the table. You might be entitled to receive a TPD lump sum, as well as other insurance benefits. Get in touch with Littles for a free super claims check. We can help you understand what you’re entitled to. Know where you stand, and get peace of mind.

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