Did you work after your injury? You may still have entitlements under TPD Insurance

Our client came to our firm as a last resort to see whether he had any entitlements of compensation, as he had been involved in a motor vehicle accident where he was deemed negligent.

Due to this accident, our client had no option but to give up his employment as a taxi driver, as he was unable to sit for prolonged periods for his shifts. As this was the only skill he knew, he had no choice but to become an UBER driver, as this allowed more autonomy over his job, whereby he can take breaks in-between passengers. Despite his efforts, our client was restricted in his uber driving work, and this affected his earnings.

Our firm argued that our client had a total permanent disablement, despite our client returning to employment suited to his education, training, or experience, as a UBER driver, as he has not been able to return to “gainful employment” as defined by the TPD policy. Subsequently, the TPD insurer accepted our client’s claim, and we were able to obtain a payout for our client.

Therefore, it is important that you seek legal advice for your entitlements to TPD, as you might have a claim, when you think you don’t.

If you need assistance with a TPD claim or dispute, contact me for a free initial interview about your situation.

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